EcoTrek’s Vehicles

The non-profit EcoTrek Foundation works with GM, Ford, Mercedes-Benz, Kia and others to promote the used of renewable fuels and materials in the automotive, RV and transportation industries.

EcoTrek vehicle with “eco-upgrades” include recyclable wheels, tires, door panels, seat covers, exhaust systems and more.    EcoTrek works with SEMA ( and its members to build and promote highly-fuel efficient, environmentally-considerate custom vehicles.

After EcoTrek build these vehicles, they are displayed at major events and also used for environmental and humanitarian projects throughout North and Central America.

Chevrolet Silverado Hybrid

Chevrolet Silverado Hybrid- Two-Mode Hybrid Drive System
- Recyclable MHT “Fuel” Wheels / Nitto Tires (Made at “Low-Emission” Factory)
- Faux Leather Seats, Carpets, BedRug Made From Recycled Plastic Bottles
- Recyclable AMP PowerSteps, Westin Brush Guards, Yakima Roof Racks/Basket
- Organic Hemp Headliner, Cushion Material
- Maggiolina Roof-Top Tent by AutohomeUS
- PowerStrip Solar Panel on Roof for Accessories and Energizer Battery Charger
- Energizer Battery Charger for Headlamps, Flashlights and Tools

“Meals on Wheels” Chevrolet Tahoe Hybrid

"Meals on Wheels" Chevrolet Tahoe HybridThis vehicle’s Two-Mode-Hybrid System and massive storage space made it a perfect choice to be customized as a fuel-efficient Meals-on-Wheels delivery vehicle.   Its custom “eco-upgrades” include the following:
- Green Brand Air Intake System
- Borla Exhaust System (Made from Recyclable Stainless Steel)
- ProComp Non-Chrome Recyclable Wheels
- ProComp 60,000 mile tires (Recyclable)
- Floormats,  Carpet and Seat Covers (Made from Recycled Plastic)
- Food Racks (Made from Recyclable Aluminum)
- PowerStrip Solar Panel on Roof to Power Accessories
- Precision Grill Made from Recycled/Recyclable Aluminum

Ford “Heal the Bay” Hybrid Escape

Ford "Heal the Bay" Hybrid Escape- Customized for Heal the Bay Beach Clean Up Days
- Green Air Intake System
- Recyclable Thule Roof Basket
- Recyclable Running Boards, Brush Guards, Tires and Wheels
- Faux Leather Seat Covers/Carpet Made from Recycled Plastic Bottles

Mercedes-Benz BlueTec “Clean-Diesel” E320

Mercedes-Benz BlueTec "Clean-Diesel" E320- Aerodynamic Lorinser Body Kit
- Faux Leather Seat Covers Made from Recycled Plastic
- Carpet and Floor Mats Made from Recycled Plastic
- Fuel Efficient 35 MPG Clean Diesel Engine
- Recylclable Aluminum Forgiato Wheels Made In America
- Water-Based Mercedes Benz Paint
- Vehicle and Engine Rated at 1,000,000 miles

CNG / Gasoline – Powered KIA Borrego

CNG / Gasoline - Powered KIA Borrego- CNG Outfitters Dual-Fuel System Conversion
- Carpets, Seat Covers, Floormats Made From Recycled Plastic
- All Aluminum (No Chrome) KMC Wheels – Recyclable
- Toyo Tires from “Low-Emission” Factory – Recyclable
- Recyclable Borla Exhaust
- Thule Roof-Top Box
- Bulletproof 4″ Lift
- Recyclable Ram Brand Brush Guard and Running Boards

Mercedes-Benz BlueTec “Clean-Diesel” GL320

Mercedes-Benz BlueTec "Clean-Diesel" GL320- Clean-Diesel Engine rated at over 1,000,000 miles
- Water-Based Mercedes-Benz Paint
- Recyclable, No-Chrome Lexani Wheels
- Recyclable, High-Mileage Pirelli Tires
- Yakima Roof Rack
- Carpeted Floor Mats Made from Recycled Plastic Bottles

Alternative-Fuel Hummer H2

Alternative-Fuel Hummer H2- Duramax Diesel Engine Conversion (By Jonathan Goodwin)
- PPE Programmer
- Performance Increase From 320HP/12MPG to 900HP/24MPG
- Carpets and Mats Made From Recycled Plastic Bottles
- Recylable Brushguards, fuel door, door handles by RealWheels
- Recycleable Aluminum Wheels by MHT/Jesse James
- Recycleable Exhaust by Borla
– Runs on 100% Used Cooking Oil (No Kidding!)